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20 Sept 2021 5 Brian Laundrie did not hang himself in cell -  9565424373 317 - he knew she was pregnant - Brians's father arrested? Edgar Cayce... 20 Sept 2021 4 If you follow my lottery predictions, notice the number 2 pattern of the Mega Millions Lottery Draw this week.. 20 Sept 2021 3 The location of an earthquake on September 23d, 2017 - do not know the time or why it's important to the upcoming SF and LA great quakes to come in December... Brian Laundrie -  she made him do this - he tried to move the body - he will be at this location on September 22nd at 7:07 AM - again using this dream, lucid dreaming, and map dosing on September 20th, 2021 at 4:21 PM EST - tried to move last night - look 20 Sept 2021 6 Brian L - Laredo Texas Edgar Cayce - Hotel La Embajada room ? this dream s me as I was born there...well we lived in the AFB at the time...1969 20 Sept 2021 2 numbers - this is him - gas motor - hate bush ? no clue or memory of this dd... 20 Sept 2021 1 Brian Laundrie -  she made him do this - he tried to move the body - he will be at this location on September 22nd at 7:07 AM - again using this dream, lucid dreaming, and map dosing on September 20th, 2021 at 4:21 PM EST... 13767 5 October 2020 3 - The Death Of Eddie Van Halen - He Dies On October 25th 2020 This Dreams From Just 24 Hours Earl... 20 Sept 2021 8 2 2 3 2 5 3 6 1 6 Cayce - Winning USA Powerball numbers for October 2021... 9995 14 February 2018 3 0 - This Is a Dream From February 14th 2018 About an Upcoming Pandemic - the Dream Says a New Vi... This Is A Dream From February 14Th 2018 About An Upcoming Pandemic The Dream Says A New Virus From Wuhan China Kills 623... 20 Sept 2021 7  20 25 - 26  8's 2 more than likely lottery numbers - not sure though... 504 09 September 2005... 499 09 September 2005... 5792 August 14 2014 4 - Peter Herschend Resigns After Kkk Membership Leaked O the Media, Stone Mountain 'i Have a D... 502 09 September 2005 New coronavirus 2020  ... Sept 2005  UK Building will burn 110 people escape... 10850 2 August 2018 1 - It Seems This And Several Other Dreams Are Related To A Missing Woman From Ohio, Mollie Tibbetts... In The Human Body We Have Iron Which Is Magnetic When We Sleep Our Body Needs To Talk To God God Is Magnetic And Thus Ca... 503 09 September 2005... Brian Laundrie is spotted on WeatherBug camera - he got off with her at exit 17b going south on US Interstate 10 - not her  another victim of the cartel - going to Boca Chica Beach  to take a rowboat to Playa Bagdad - numbers  (almost the same info and la 1 Sept 2021 2 She is going to kill her child - not missing - under the above-ground pool - numbers - not sure when this will happen but I know for sure it hasn't happened yet... 1896 07 July 2006... 19 Sept 2021 6 Holly Bobo, he will be released because of an error - she killed Holly and police do not know - numbers... Brian Laundrie dies in cell number?  he did not kill himself, look at the fingernails - it would be impossible for him to do this - CCTV was turned off... 13 June 2021 2 - Try sleeping with your heading facing magnetic north on Monday, Tuesday sleep in the opposite position,... From 2 Dds Dated 6 16 21 Missing Girl Summer Wells Located Police Are Withholding The Text And Phone Call He Did Not Tak... Gabrielle Petito remains located near poles? Brian Laundrie did not hang himself in cell 317 or 3 \ 7  - look again - poles will add this to the case file... 12 July 2021 2 There is a letter on your left hand, on the back of your thumb, it will form the letter M - this will be... Gabrielle Petito located- Fly Geyser - arrest made in fl - numbers - he still has her other phone... 
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A bird bit me on my daily jog  Play album slideshow


Public Lottery Picks for September 2021  Play album slideshow


Gold Maps - exact locations where you can find real gold. All maps use information from my dreams and map dousing  Play album slideshow


NEW! Free lottery picks by mail, I will personally fill out your blank lottery sheet and mail it back to you for free, postage is included!  Play album slideshow


Miracle Seeds 2021 - get your life-changing free seeds here.  Play album slideshow


8 hours of personal subliminal affirmations from my dreams, voiced by me, are designed to improve every element of your life. Download them now and wake up a new person...guaranteed to work!  Play album slideshow


10 4 20 This is important and it's totally free and harmless to try - print this dream drawing - fold it in half and place inside your pillowcase - forgot about it for one week  Play album slideshow


8/31/2020 I'm staying in the hospital for 2 days, I have my phone with me my aortic aneurysm is getting bigger, that's not a good thing Will still be posting dreams and doing other work  Play album slideshow


I found the cat in the poster I called the numbers but it was disconnected  Play album slideshow


Well I MADE Jacob get out the house, today this is his first time out since the quarantine my wife and I took him to the beach while the other three stayed home and played video games Look how thrilled he is to finally get outside and see the ocean  Play album slideshow


March 27th 2020 I will be gone for a little while will be back soon, I'll try my best to complete readings requests and posting my nightly dreams Please STAY HOME - AND LOVE EACH OTHER  Play album slideshow


March 25th 2020 As of right now, there are supposed to be only 68,960 cases of the coronavirus in the USAthis number has got to be way low!! Our president said this would be over soon well I can't smell a thing right now, and I'm getting a  Play album slideshow

2-8-20 Sadness anyway, today is my birthday  Play album slideshow


August 10th, 2019 These are our newest family members :)  Play album slideshow


Yeah I know I said I would not go back to this place - well I missed it Anyway I realize I'm 3 weeks behind should be OK by this Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019  Play album slideshow


March 18th 2019 another hospital stay  Play album slideshow


Feb 20th 2019 Hospital Stay, finally blood pressure is normal!  Play album slideshow


2/1/2019 Multiple nights in the ER January 29 to February 4th, 2019 awful feelings with my heart and body :( Will be in the hospital until further notice will try my best to record and document my dreams and finish doing personal requests  Play album slideshow


1/25/2019 Well, it turns out I'm going to need another open heart surgery!! At this point I really don't care anymore the sadness is unbelievable  Play album slideshow


January 5th, 2019: I AM GOING TO DIEif I don't change my ways right now  Play album slideshow


December 23rd, 2018: Another stay in the hospital, sort of serious but I'll be ok the food is great, maybe I'll come back for more :)  Play album slideshow


December 31st to January 2nd, 2019 was spent in the hospital again! I had a BP of 210 over 120! This was related my new On-x aortic heart valve my blood pressure is normal now and hopefully, I will not need to spend any more nights in the hospital  Play album slideshow


Back in the hospital due to issues with my new on-x aortic heart valve, pretty scary event (November 10th to the 13th 2018, Brian Ladd) November 14th, 2018, I'm still alive!!!  Play album slideshow


September 28th, 2018, over one week after aortic heart valve replacement with an On-x mechanical valve, the noise is so loud my son can hear it across a room, oddly enough I can barely notice it  Play album slideshow

September 22nd 217: This is the last time I trying to do this today Aortic heart valve replacement surgery that I had on Tuesday, well it's been five days now since I was installed a new On-X aortic heart valve it seems to be going just fine  Play album slideshow


My heart before and after surgery  Play album slideshow

9/6/2018 We got a new family member today! Say hello to Willow  Play album slideshow


9/2/18 I'm back home now and just one more operation to go, this one involves replacing my aortic valve with this shiny new one! Surgery is scheduled for September 17th, 2018 and should be in the hospital for a few days afterward As always, I will  Play album slideshow


8/30/2018, Day 4 at the hospital, bunch of procedures today, pretty cool medical equipment they have today Should a valve replacement in a few days then I can come home  Play album slideshow


Trash on the beach, Florida  Play album slideshow


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